Bag Repairs

The professional staff at 3D Shoe Repairs Nottingham are fully trained in many aspects of leather and Bag repair. Below is a list of bag repair services we offer however, this is by no means an exhaustive list. If your favourite bag, leather jacket or belt is looking a little worse for wear pop in and see us, we will happily take a look at your item and advise if we can help. Even if we can't help ourselves after 35 years in the trade we are  pretty sure that we will know someone who can!

Replacement Studs

Whether they are decoration studs or more functional studs we have the tools and knowledge to be able to replace any studs on your bag, leather jacket or belt that have fallen off or are damaged.




Strap Repairs

The strap on your hand bag or belt is possibly one of the most worn areas. Over time many straps begin to show sign of wear and tear such as the stitching beginning to come lose, the leather starting to dry out and crack or the area where it attaches to the bag begins to come lose. 3D Shoe Repairs can repair all of these problems and more. Making that old favourite bag usuable once more.









Zip Replacement

Zips on any garment can be temperamental. When they are used as often as they can be on bags and jackets they can be easily damaged. If the zip on your handbag is refusing to close or open then pop it in to us and we can replace the zip so that it looks and works as good as new.










Fixing Buckles

Buckles can be the first thing to wear out on a well loved, well used hand bag. Do not cast that bag on to the rubbish pile just yet! Bring it in to us at 3D Shoe Repairs. We are certain that we will be able to replace the buckle or even repair it and give your hand bag a new lease of life.










Replacing Eyelets in Straps

Whether the eyelets in your bag are for decoration or serve a more functional purpose in the strap of your bag to prevent the buckle wearing the holes out in the leather strap here at 3D Shoe Repairs we can replace any eyelet that may come lose or install eyelets in straps in order to make them more durable and therefore last longer extending the life of your bag or belt.