Shoe Repairs

3D Shoe Repairs, Mapperley, Nottingham are specialists in restoring and repairing footwear or all types and makes. It doesn't matter if they are the daintiest of dancing shoes or the most rugged walking boots, bring them to us for re-soling, re-heeling, re-stitching and we will restore them back to their original glory.

Here at 3D Shoe Repairs we appreciate the importance of a pair of good comfortable shoes. If your favourite pair of work shoes are well bedded in but well worn out we are sure we can make them wearable again! 

We can undertake most shoe repairs. To find out more about the shoe repair services that we offer please click on the service you require;

Shoe Heel Repair / Boot Heel Repair

3D Shoe Repairs can replace the worn out heels on your favourite shoes. We carefully remove the worn out heel apply a strong ashesive to the heel of the shoe and to the new heel and glue the new heel to the shoe. Any excess is then trimmed by hand and finished using our professional machinery.

We offer a variety of different heel types to suit your shoe repair needs and budget. 

Hard Wearing Rubber Heels are ideal as a heel replacement for shoes and boots that are worn frequently and for long distances. Generally speaking rubber replacement heels will last longer than leather. The price of these heels will depend on the heel height that you require.

PVC Heels

Carbon Tipped Heels

1/4 Iron Tipped Heels

Leather with 1/4 Rubber Heel

Leather with 1/4 Iron Heel

Logger Heels

High Heel Tip Replacement

Plastic heel tip replacement

High Heel Repair with plastic tip - When the heel on the stiletto is particularly worn out.

Steel Stiletto heel replacement - Harder wearing than plastic but creates more noise when worn.

Steel Heel tip replacement with heel repair - Ideal for when the heel is particularly well worn out.


Replacement Toe Bits

If your shoes wear predominantly at the toe we can replace the toe part of the sole and attach a harder wearing toe section that will add longevity to your shoes. Adding toe taps or toe rpotectors to your favourite shoes can be incredibly cost effective in the long run and can negate the need to replace the soles as often.




Shoe Sole or Heel Build Up

There can be many reasons to require a sole or heel of a shoe to be built up. 3D Shoe Repairs, Nottingham can install build ups to any height required and will always do so to look as discreet as possible. The price is dependant on height required. This process is ideal for people suffering with Leg Length Discrepancy, people who roll their feet as they walk, or have limited ankle mobility due to injury or illness. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.




Stitching & Patching

If your favourite pair of shoes or boots are looking a little tired and the leather uppers are starting to wear through don't write them off just yet! We can repair them using our stitching a patching service. Bring them in to 3D Shoe Repairs for assesment.




Dance Shoes

We can supply and fix taps to tap shoes in store. We offer differing quality taps to suit your budget.




Replacement Shoe Soles

3D Shoe Repairs offers a variety of styles and types of replacement soles in order to suit every type of shoe and budget.

We can provide replacement stick on shoe soles in a variety of grip patterns including Mesh, Ribbed and Topy. 

The type of sole you require depends greatly on the style of shoe or boot and the amount of money you wish to spend. We use resin soles, Flexi-rib soles, Leather soles, Micro soles and logger soles. We can also supply through soles (where the sole is one piece from heel to toe and without a raised heel) in Micro, Leather, Vibram or commando.

Replacement Zips in Shoes & Boots

 If the zip in your favourite pair of boots or shoes has become stuck or refuses to close pop in and see us at 3D Shoe Repairs and we can assess whether it is possible to replace the zip and return them to a usable state.





Shoe Stretching

If you have a pair of shoes with leather uppers that are feeling a little tight we can help them to fit comfortably by stretching them a little for you. Whether this is in width or length, if your shoes are pinching a little bring them in to 3D Shoe Repairs.





Shoe Care Products & Accessories

In addition to the Shoe Repair services that we offer, we also stock a wide range of Shoe care products that will help you to maintain your shoes and keep them wearable for longer. Our sundries range includes a wide variety of  replacement laces, Insoles, protective sprays and cleaning products.




Designer Shoe Repairs

Here at 3D Shoe Repairs we are happy to assess any damaged designer shoe and if we are able to repair them we will. Some of the designer brands of footwear that we are happy to give you a quote for are;

Alexander McQueen Shoe RepairsGiorgio Armani Shoe RepairsChloe Shoe RepairsDolce & Gabbana Shoe RepairsFendi Shoe RepairsGiuseppe Zanotti Shoe Repairs

Givenchy Shoe RepairsGucci Shoe RepairsHugo Boss Shoe RepairsJimmy Choo Shoe RepairsKurt Geiger Shoe RepairsMiu Miu Shoe Repairs

Christian Louboutin Shoe repairs - Heel RepairsPaul Smith Shoe RepairsYves Saint Laurent Shoe RepairsTods Shoe RepairsUgg Boot Repairs - Sole ReplacementValentino Shoe Repairs